Save $ at Conferences by Leaving Them

Congratulations!  You are at an academic conference in either presenting your own worker listening to that of others.  Relieved and happy after your presentation walked over to the hotel bar or restaurant to have a drink and talk at the price: $10 for a beer?  What the Frack!   Getting to a conference is certainly expensive enough and what we have covered ways they can save money in your planning, we have yet to tell you how you can save money when you’re actually at the conference.  If you want to save money at a conference, leave them. 
There are all sorts of ways that you can spend money at a hotel.  Before you even get to the hotel, it’s quite possible that you will have to take a taxi to and from the hotel.  It’s a no-brainer but really you should share a With someone else.  If you flew alone and don’t have a collie, take a look around you and ask someone that you think might be going to a conference.  If there academics, they’re probably nerdy so you know who to ask.

Once you get to the hotel and you unpack, you probably realize that your shirts and pants and dresses are wrinkled.  Fortunately, hotels have services that do this, for only a small arm and a leg.  Instead, iron your clothes as soon as you get to hotel using the iron and ironing board in the closet.  To do this right away you don’t have to worry about it.  Heck if you are good packers and know the tricks you may not even have to worry about this.    (I use Packing Cubes and it makes packing and unpacking really easy).

Once you have unpacked you probably are getting hungry, but no matter what you do not eat at the hotel.   Room service, my personal weakness especially that involves hamburgers, is especially expensive.  Expect dinner for one to be between 18 and $30 depending the quality of the hotel.    If you eat in the hotel restaurant.  Dinner will probably be between 10 and $20.Instead, go out to dinner and enjoy the city.  This is especially true if you read my prior posts about making reservations and already a spot planned for dinner.

Watch your alcohol consumption.   it’s really easy to drink at the conference, especially when you’re in a new place and having fun with colleagues.  But be careful.  1st of all you don’t want to get drunk like a fool in front of your colleagues.  Also, we want to save money.  Nurse your drinks and for specials.  If you’re a graduate student your you know this tip.

So I’m sure you have been to conferences in the past, what are your tricks to save money while away from home?