The 9-Week Summer Productivity Challenge

I recently suggested that students make the most out of their summer and realized that I too needed to get off of my butt.  I remembered the Beginner Blogger Challenge so many of us participated in and thought I too could harness the support of the readership and bloggers.  And then it hit me…  lets have a summer productivity challenge!

Instructions for the 9-Week Summer Productivity Challenge

  1. Decide on 9 items you will complete in the next 9 weeks.  The goals can be big or small, personal or public, tangible or esoteric.  Think of why you want to complete these goals and jot them down.
  2. Provide an introduction of why you want to complete the goals.  This too can be personal or more vague, but it has to connect with your vision for the future.
  3. List your 9 goals in your blog post along with a short description of why you want to complete the item.
  4. Link back to this post so that other bloggers reading your post can find the rules and join in on the fun!
  5. Comment in the discussion below to let others know (including me) where your post is located.
  6. Complete this no later than June 15.
Why participate?
  1. Its fun to do this and to read what everyone else is doing.
  2. I’ll write a summary post around July 5 where I feature posts. This will also give you a chance to write your own post with an update of how you are doing.
  3. This is easy to do and write about.  We all need things to write about and this is a great way for us to share what we are all doing.
  4. We learn from each other and find strength in numbers! Managing a blog is hard, but with the support of others we will continue to post while also completing the list of items we want to do.
9-Week Summer Productivity Challenge (using me as an example)

After a grilling year in graduate school where I worked on my dissertation (some) and major research (a lot) I was feeling drained.  I took some time off to enjoy the outdoors, something I’ll write about later, and decided to make a list of everything I wanted to accomplish by August 1.  The list is demanding and will require some serious discipline but I want to complete this list because I really want to get on with my life; being in graduate school is holding me back.  I want a house.  I want a family. I want to BBQ on the weekends, lol.  With this list I set the stage for my future. My list is longer and more detailed so I have decided to list 9 categories I will work on during this period.

  1. Work daily as if I have a full time job.  I got lazy this year and realize my bad ass-ness was more like … just ok work.  So I’m enhancing my schedule and keeping productive.
  2. Enjoy Nature in the Evenings and Weekends.  Since I will be working hard during the day I am going to make extra effort to go home at 5 and enjoy my wife and pets.  And on weekends we are going to enjoy the outdoors – for free, of course.
  3. Exercise daily.  I too am out of the habit but a new hobby of racket ball I’m ready to work out for an hour each day.  If I don’t want to do racket ball I can swim or do yoga.
  4. Finish the Dissertation.  I have some major re-writing to do.  Major.  But in 9 weeks and 3 hours a day I can get some serious work done. Maybe 3 chapters.  Its a goal and I’m rocking out.
  5. Write Winning Grants.  I also was lazy and stopped writing a few grants, odd since I believe in my 1 in 5 rule.  I have to get back on track by working on several small grants and will also work on a MAJOR grant for my own employment once I’m done.  I’m also going to put my application together early for loan repayment and forgiveness.
  6. Write my Post-Doc & Job Materials. Yeah, graduation is 6 months to ear away.  Time to make my destiny… which means putting a job portfolio together.
  7. Learn New Coding Skills.  I have a bad ass idea for a new application and am learning to code.  Watch out!
  8. Continue to Save Money. Ride my bike. Take my breakfast and lunch.  Make my own coffee.
  9. Learn New Financial Skills for a House.  I;m going to speak to a bank to see where I stand.  I may not be ready for a house yet, but in a few years I’ll need to be ready.  By speaking with a bank now I can set a goal for the future.
  10. Personal Bonus Item:  Blog Regularly. I enjoy doing this even though I don’t make any money.  Lets keep up the conversation.

So what are you going to do for your 9-Week Summer Productivity Challenge?