Spend Less than Your Summer Fellowship

(Hi All, I’m testing a new headset and dictating this post…. let me know what you think of the quality, and errors).

I recently mentioned that you should not be as dumb mass and do a lot of work this summer.  Another suggestion, is not to spend the entirety of your summer fellowship check.  The summer is a great time to save some money, but only if you are savvy and make the most out of your paycheck and your network.  When you’re in a new city is extremely easy to spend a lot of money, which followed a couple of tricks you can actually save some cash.
Number 1: make a budget for the summer given your paycheck, and be sure to save 15 to 30% of your check.  This will make the summer difficult, but if you are not spending a lot of money will be using other resources and saving some cash for when you need it.  With a budget of the way continue to number 2.
Number 2: make a list of all of the free resources and activities you can think of the city you are visiting.  Take a look at things like art museums and free art openings, zoos and free outdoor activities, outdoor music festivals, and depending on the city or at there may be other things that you can consider.  For example, if you are staying in Washington DC there are free fireworks on the ball, many, many, many parties at embassies, and opportunities for interns and fellows to get together.  Make a list, put them on your calendar, and there you have a list of free and affordable things to do.  In fact, if you put this on a Google calendar you can start to shared with other interns and fellows so that you have a detailed calendar with many options each and every single day.
Number 3: although you think you might have everything planned, you don’t.  Find the e-mail list and network that’ll let you know when there are fund parties to go to.  This may be parties involved for work, at international gatherings, or with certain clubs such as alumni associations.  These are great opportunities also to network, and to meet new people that are involved in the city you live and work in.
Number 4: one last suggestion of how to find affordable things to do is to join some sort of an outdoor group or activity.  Outdoor groups get together to go on hikes on the weekend, bike rides in the evening, to gaze at the stars using a telescope in someone’s backyard, and all sorts of other random things you never would’ve thought of but that are a lot of fun.  Try finding these clubs are searching at libraries, outdoor shops such as REI, or online.
Number 5: when you do have to spend money do it wisely.  Many cities have happy hour specials, were food and drinks are cheaper than usual.  Find restaurants that have these happy hours and use them as your networking sites.  In other words, if you have to spend money, do it wisely and so that you benefit from it.
So there you have it.  Here are ways that you can have fun and save money on your summer internship or fellowship.  All of the other budgeting experience you know, such as eating out as little as possible, using public transportation when possible, or subletting and sharing rooms, will of course make the summer of affordable.  Good luck and have fun!